StacksCity Ecossistema de Anuncios Smart WiFi descentralizado

StacksCity - An intelligent interconnected ecosystemREAD OUR PITCH DECK
Company BackgroundStacksNetwork was founded in 2014 in Shanghai, and has been working closely with the major telecom service providers in China, offering customized enterprise standard broadband structuring service to commercial complexes; providing data transmission and data storage service to hundreds of businesses, including internationally recognized companies. Such as, Netease, Huawei, Alibaba, etc.With the well-established grid of bandwidth network, IDC and nationwide access of resource among different telecommunication operators, Stacks Network is well-equipped with the necessary infrastructure and capability in R&D, to welcome, the coming era of Net of Things, which we believe its foundation is built on efficient, secure and intelligent data transmission.Stacks City Project represents our understanding and vision for the future, one that can be realized by building smarter transmission networks and platforms and accelerating the process of integrating IoT technologies in the production and management of enterprises, governments and other institutions. Only smarter production and management can make the future of cities more efficient, greener and safer.
StacksCity is a decentralized advertising platform where all actors in the system are rewarded for their contribution
Our Project
Stacks City is building a decentralized Smart Wifi Advertising Ecosystem which would address the need of internet users in the public area; creates a new stream of income for router owners; and most importantly providing an efficient, accurate and transparent solution for advertisers. This is achieved by maximizing the combined advantage of location-based advertising; sharing economy; and blockchain technology.Please continue on by reading our Pitch Deck, where the business model; road maps; technical aspect and token economy are better explained.Although we represent a well-established company serving the telecom industry, we've still decided to follow the methodology of Lean Startup, toward the development of StacksCity Project. The Alpha version of StacksCity Smart Wifi AD bidding system will be ready for internal testing at the end of January to those who Sign Up now. We are partnered with MATIC NETWORK, which is an adapted version of Plasma framework that provides an off/side chain scaling solution for fast and extremely low-cost transactions with finality on a mainchain. ItÂ’ll provide scalability and superior user experience to DApps/user functionalities. We are integrating Portis on our Platform: A web-based, Ethereum and ERC20 token wallet that makes it possible to access your wallet from anywhere without any additional installations, which provides a more seamless interface comparing to Metamask. We will continue to evaluate all possible solution and improvement to improve user experience on decentralized application. We'd be excited to see our effort made, contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain technology with real use case, where user experience is prioritized. We consider our public appearance an early one in the marketing aspect. What we value more, is the opportunity to receive more info feedbacks and advice from experts; professionals; talents out here at the earliest stage as possible. We are building a platform that could bring value to the people, and to accomplish that, we want to first hear from you.

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